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When it comes to tobacco products, IQOS is fast becoming popular worldwide, although it is not available in all countries. Heets IQOS contains real tobacco and lets you enjoy its full flavors. It does not pose the same risks a regular cigarette would. IQOS is a healthier and better alternative to cigarettes, thanks to its Heat Control Technology.

IQOS only heats, not burns, tobacco. It heats tobacco under a much lower temperature, while cigarettes burn tobacco up to 800 degrees. Once the IQOS heat stick reaches 350 degrees Celsius – the maximum temperature allowed – it releases aerosol. Thus, there’s no smoke and no ashes. It does not pose dangers to you and the people around you. The aerosol produced also disappears quickly.

Heets for IQOS is an innovation in tobacco consumption. Aside from making smoking a healthier and more eco-friendly habit, IQOS also makes your smoking habit stylish.

You can find affordable IQOS heets price from our store. For IQOS heets USA shop online at our store and browse our products and featured IQOS flavors. IQOS heets USA sale may not be too common, but our IQOS heets buy USA store is always ready to accommodate customers, and entertain requests for flavors and other IQOS-related products.


IQOS heets flavors vary for every country. Some mimic the flavor of regular cigarettes. There are customers who are still adjusting to the taste and feel of IQOS heat sticks, and knowing that they are smoking something similar to their old cigarette helps them.

In our IQOS heets USA store you will find many flavors and labels of IQOS heets, mostly defined by how intense each flavor is. For example, Germans who buy IQOS heets in USA store choose a strong tobacco taste, while British and Korean nationals prefer mentholated IQOS. Koreans also like clean and mild tastes, perhaps attributive of their minimalist aesthetics.

Other flavors that are up for IQOS Heets US delivery are red (distinct tobacco flavor), citrus notes, nutty flavors, forest fruits and blueberry, strong mint, lime, and medium strong tobacco taste. Usually, the color of the IQOS heets already tells the flavor of the heat stick, so that customers will find it easy to identify them.


Heets Amber

Heets Amber is orange in color and contains a rich blend of tobacco. For 20 sticks, you get to enjoy an intense flavor and nutty notes as an aftertaste. It also surprises you with a hint of woody notes. A rich and balanced texture fills your senses with each puff.

Heets Bronze

Heets Bronze has a strong tobacco taste, although this is not to be compared with chocolate flavored heat sticks. This is perfect for anyone who is already used to smoking IQOS. By far, this is the most intense flavor and label in the selection, and is very suitable for IQOS holders. It comes with hot malt notes then progresses to a velvety texture.

Heets Gold Selection

Heets Gold Selection has a medium strong taste, and is often described as the true taste of tobacco. It has a light and refreshing feel after you have tasted the special roasted and woody aroma of tobacco. Like Heets Bronze, Heets Gold Selection offers a velvety feel for IQOS smokers.

Heets Green Zing

Heets Green Zing has a refreshing lime and menthol flavor. The lime flavor blends so well with spicy herbal notes, hence the name “green zing”. Those who are new to IQOS can try this so they start off with something light and citrusy. The cooling sensations also help balance the spiciness in the tobacco.

Heets Purple

Heets Purple reminds you of forest fruits and blueberries – sweet, a little sour, but not off-putting. The floral herbs usually blend with a fruity note comparable to berries and grapes. If you want a flavor that is similar to Marlboro Ruby, Heets Purple is your ideal label and flavor. It is also a crowd favorite.

Heets Silver Selection

Heets Silver Selection has a very mild taste, perfect for IQOS smokers who love a light and smooth feel of tobacco. It has a balanced tobacco blend that both old-time and newbie smokers could enjoy. Though it tastes like traditional tobacco, it is mild enough for first timers. The Heets Silver Selection is a trademark of Philip Morris.

Heets Turquoise

Heets Turquoise has a crisp and intense menthol flavor that gives off a refreshing feel and a cooling sensation. This label is ideal for smokers who love a blast of “icy coolness” as they puff. You can compare this with the taste and feel of Marlboro Ice Blast. Like the Green Zing blend, Heets Turquoise tastes good, with menthol overpowering the strong tobacco flavor.

Heets Yellow

Heets Yellow has citrus notes, but with an orange to lemony blend. The tobacco is smooth and fine, not too strong. The citrus blend does not overshadow the tobacco taste, but instead offers a light and smooth smoking experience. Upon first puff, prepare for a whiff of these citrusy flavors, and get lost in their aroma.