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Marlboro Heets

Marlboro is the most sold cigarette brand in the world. According to the latest statistics, Marlboro sells more than the next seven most sold cigarette brands combined.

From its classic cigarette form, a new trend in smoking is emerging. It’s called HEETS Marlboro and more and more smokers are switching to this new way to smoke.

Also called Heatsticks in other markets, HEETS is a heated unit that contains tobacco. It is specially designed to be used with the IQOS holder.

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HEETS contain tobacco and several layers of filters. HEETS are comprised of a mouth-end and outer papers, cellulose-acetate mouthpiece filter, polymer-film filter, hollow acetate tube, and a tobacco plug.

To use, you should insert the HEETS into an IQOS holder. The tobacco element in the HEETS is then heated to temperatures reaching 350 degrees Celsius. The heated tobacco then gives out smoke and vapor which the user can draw on. Because of the heated tobacco material, the flavor is fuller and more satisfying, compared to regular cigarettes.

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Marlboro Heets Flavors

There used to be a time when cigarettes only had the natural flavor of tobacco. To give more variance, manufacturers infused them with menthol or mint. This also made the smell of tobacco in people’s mouth and hands more bearable.

With the birth of e-cigarettes, more flavors came out. Because e-cigarettes run on flavored nicotine juices, it became popular among the younger generation.

The latest trend in smoking is a new tobacco product called IQOS. It’s an alternative nicotine delivery system that uses real tobacco instead of e-juice. HEETS Marlboro flavors are tobacco infused with different aromas such as menthol or citrus fruits.

There is quite a few HEETS from Marlboro in different flavors available in the market. You can buy Marlboro HEETS from your favorite cigarette store in the USA. You can also get them via door-to-door delivery.

Whether you buy from a physical store or an online shop, Marlboro HEETS is sure to satisfy the smoker in you.

Marlboro HEETS Products

As mentioned, to use the Marlboro HEETS, you need to insert it into an IQOS. This is an electronic device specially designed to heat tobacco leaves until an inhalable aerosol is produced. This is different from traditional smoking, which requires burning tobacco. Compared to vaping, it’s only different with regards to the ingredients used as well as the heating process.

Marlboro Balanced Regular

Marlboro Balanced Regular – This flavor is recommended for those who prefer a slightly lighter flavor than regulars. It’s a perfect alternative for a user’s main tobacco and it comes with only 10mg or less nicotine.

Marlboro Menthol

Marlboro Menthol – This classic menthol flavor also comes with 10mg of nicotine. This heatstick is perfect for those who want a refreshing yet powerful feeling because of its strong menthol flavor.

Marlboro Mint

Marlboro Mint – For those who don’t like menthol flavor but still prefer refreshing tastes, this one is for you. With just the right amount of mint, it’s perfect for those who prefer a more relaxing flavor compared to menthol.

Marlboro Purple Menthol

Marlboro Purple Menthol – The Purple Menthol flavor is for those who prefer a lighter menthol taste than the regular menthol. Like the Balanced Regular, it can also replace your main tobacco.

Marlboro Regular

Marlboro Regular – This is the classic Marlboro taste without the addition of menthol, mint, or any other flavor. The full flavor of the Regular will give you ultimate satisfaction.

Marlboro Smooth Regular

Marlboro Smooth Regular – This one falls between the Balanced Regular and the Regular flavors. The Smooth Regular is recommended for people who smoke lights and super lights because of the familiar flavor

Marlboro Yellow Menthol

Marlboro Yellow Menthol – With a refreshing combination of the aroma coming from strong menthol and blueberries, the Yellow Menthol is perfect if you’re not fond of the taste of heated cigarettes.